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Fresh English Bronze Turkey Barn Reared


These birds will be available for collection/delivery between the 21st November & 24th December only.


Peach Croft Farm’s award-winning traditionally reared turkeys are grown naturally and slowly to full maturity. They are free to roam in grassy paddocks and fields around the farm, enjoying a completely natural diet of cereals and vegetable protein.

Our delicious oven-ready turkeys couldn’t be easier to prepare. They arrive in a convenient carry-home box, complete with detailed cooking instructions and recipe leaflet. Everything has been made easy for you – including the finishing touch of fresh herbs.

Cooking a Fresh Peach Croft Turkey
As soon as possible, after you’ve collected your turkey or it has been delivered, remove all packaging and store in a refrigerator. The giblets will come to you vacuumed packed and they should also be stored in the refrigerator. The bird is best cooked within 3 days of purchase.

Remove the turkey from the fridge, leave it to stand for 2 hours before cooking.

The turkeys are trussed with a simple trussing band, which is best removed before cooking. We advise not to stuff the cavity as this will hinder the proper cooking of the turkey but you may choose to put an apple or peeled onion inside.

Sprinkle the turkey with salt and pepper, and place breast side down (covered in foil if you prefer) in a roasting tin. The white meat of the turkey cooks faster than the dark (leg and wing) meat. This is why it is better to cook turkey breast side down for the first half to three quarters of the cooking time.

This will allow the fat deposits in the back to percolate the breast meat, which rests in the juices.

Gravy always tastes better if the turkey giblets are used to make it. However it is recommended that the liver is not used as it may give the gravy a slightly bitter flavour. Instead, lightly sauté the liver in Butter, chop and add to stuffing.

Cook the turkey at 190ºC/375ºF, Fan oven 160ºC/320ºF, Gas Mark 5, Aga hot oven. (See table below for suggested total times).

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Fresh English Bronze Turkey Barn Reared

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